MurrietasReno, NV has an abundant number of Mexican restaurants that fall under one of the following categories; authentic Mexican or Taco Bell Mexican.

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants is Murrieta’s,  a locally family owned business with two locations in Reno.

What makes Murrieta’s different from the rest?The answer is their bold flavors, and well priced menu. The food here taste home-made, and is always fresh. Not to mention their margaritas are good and cheap.

Murrieta’s chips and salsa are  something  to brag about. The chips are slightly deep-fried, salted just right, and come paired with fresh pico de gallo, and a spicy red salsa. The red salsa always has the right amount of spice.They offer a casual dinning experience,  and  by no means are a fancy restaurant.
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Often times the best Mexican restaurants aren’t that fancy. Or are often found in not so good neighborhoods.If you walk into a Mexican restaurant and it feels and looks fancy, the odds are the food won’t be that good.

What I  love about Murrieta’s is that they prepare everything fresh as you order. They don’t get lazy and use canned re-fried beans or salsa.  Everything is made from scratch, as it would be in a traditional Mexican home.

My absolute favorite meal here is known as Las Suisas, and only  costs $11.99. This delicious plate consists of two cheese enchiladas smothered in a mushroom sauce, topped with sour cream and Guacamole. It comes paired with rice and cheesy beans, simply to die for.

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Their menu is very well priced, and  you can get an amazing meal for under $13. Like most Mexican restaurants their servings are very large. So be prepared to walk away with left overs.

If you’re looking for excellent happy hour specials in Reno, Murrieta’s has you covered.Happy hour goes from 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday. You can get tacos for .99 each. Margaritas, pint drafts, and well drinks are 2 for the price of 1. They  have a wide variety of specialty alcoholic beverages you can find in their cantina themed bar. See the link here for more information

The customer service is great, the menu is well priced, but best of all you are really getting traditional Mexican food. This isn’t Taco Bell Mexican food, it’s the real deal. Murrieta’s offers the type of delicious food we crave after long nights out. Let me know what your favorite Mexican go to spot is, and I will be sure to check it out.


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