Movie Theater On A Budget

photo 1Who doesn’t love to watch a good movie on the big screen in theaters? Problem is with movie theater prices these days it can get quite pricey. Do not fear friends I have a great solution to this problem.

Inside Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort there is a wonderful theater not very many people know about. According to theater staff it has been open  pretty much since the casino opened.  Don’t quote me on that, this information came from two friendly teenager boys working the snack counter.

Any-who,  GSR’s theater plays 4 fairly newly released movies Mon-Fri,  no longer playing at the main theaters around town. Admission cost  $4 for all seats and all shows, children under 1 are free. See the link here for more information

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Yes! Only $4 for children and adults. It used to cost $3 until about six months ago, not bad considering the average adult price ticket at the normal theater will cost you $9.50 and around $7 during matinee.

I’m saddened to inform you, their infamous love seat couches are no longer there. They recently updated the theater, took out the old love seats and put in brand new reclining seats you would find in a normal theater. On a positive note they now accept credit and debit cards, it used to be cash only.

My girlfriend and I watched  Maleficent, and had an enjoyable experience. The movie was great by the way, a wonderful spin on a Disney classic. The staff was super friendly, their bathrooms, and newly remodeled theater were pretty clean. Plus you can’t beat the prices.

We bought a large popcorn for the price of $7.25,  red vines for $2.75, and a large drink for $5. Split between the two of us we each got snacks and admission for under $8. For those Renoites who remember, it’s just as good as the old school Greenbrae theaters, ($3.50 for admission) those were the days. If you’re looking to get out of the house, but are on a tight budget GSR’s theater can be just the right break from your regular routine.

Have you been to GSR’s theater? If so what did you like or dislike about it?


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