One of my favorite bars is Gilley’s located inside the Nugget Casino in Sparks.  If you enjoy country music this is the bar for you. Its decorated in a western style and has a mechanical bull you can ride for $5.  Gilley’s provides free live entertainment Thursday-Friday from 8-11pm. A DJ takes over after 11, playing a good mix of old and new country. Gilley’s has a large dance floor with plenty of room to move around.  If you don’t know how to line dance no worries, Gilley’s provides free lessons Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. See the link here for more information

If you are a visual learner you can observe the good-looking Gilley’s girls and hopefully learn some new moves. The crowd here varies in age leaning closer to a more mature audience between the ages of 25 and up. Not to say there aren’t younger folks, but it doesn’t feel like one of those just turned ’21’ bars.  Drinks are very well priced, and their food menu is also pretty amazing. It’s also nice going to a bar where the guys actually know how to dance. Check them out the next time you are in Sparks, NV.

What is your favorite bar in Reno?


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