This month has brought along many changes. Graduating college, applying for jobs, and just coming to the realization that school is almost over has me a little frightened. Change can be intimidating for everyone, however we have to remember that nothing worth having comes easy. We must always stay hungry for more. Life is about taking risks, and working hard for what you want. I would much rather have taken a risk and failed, then to have never tried nothing at all. As this quote reminds us even if we fail there is always a lesson to be learned. We get one life, one chance at everything so embrace change and take risks.


Life Is…

LifeJohn Lennon said it best! Often times we like to think we are in control when we really aren’t. Life has a funny way of mixing things up in  a spontaneous manner. We can plan all we want but at the end of the day whatever  is meant to happen, will happen.  So we might as well let go of your inhibitions and learn to expect change. I know, easier said than done.

Live Life


What a powerful quote, how often do we not get stuck in the rut of life? By this I mean working just to survive, and constantly worrying about the future.  It seems like we are always doing something to reach our next step or goal. We are so focused on the future we forget to enjoy the moment in which we are living today. We should strive to live everyday as  if  it were our last. Hopefully we can all learn to slow down a bit, and enjoy what is in front of us right now. Let us stop just existing and start living!