Turn Down For What?

Living in a 24 hour city definitely has its night life benefits such as never hearing the words last call, and  access to booze 24-7. Reno, The Biggest Little City will let you party on until the wee hours of the morning. You can also party in the 775  Mon-Sunday. Below I will highlight several club options in Reno, and the most popular ones.

Aura: Located inside the Silver Legacy Casino  will have you ‘going up on a Tuesday.’ Open 5 days a week, with drink specials from 7-9pm. DJ spins at 9pm. If you’re looking to party on a Tue, Wed or Thur, this is your spot. They play pretty much hip hop only. There is a dress code, basically no hats and sneakers. Ladies are always free unless there is an event going on such as Hot August Nights. There is a cover charge for men $10-20 depending on the night of the week, sometimes free. The crowd can be a little more Ghetto here.

Brew Brothers:  Located inside the El Dorado Casino is open 7 days a week and has no cover charge for men or women. They offer a popular Karaoke night on Monday and serve drink specials from 6-8pm. They also offer live entertainment with a few local bands. DJ plays after 11pm, when there is a live band. The music here is a mix between alternative, R&B, and hip hop. The crowd here is a little more relaxed, and is often times visited by out-of-towners. No dress code.

Bubbinga: This club can be hit or miss. Sometimes its open ,sometimes it’s not. Located inside the El Dorado Casino, usually Thursday-Sunday. Dress code is enforced, ladies can get in free before 10. Guys pay a $10 cover charge, The music here is hip hop. The crowd can also be a little ghetto here, depends on the night. Best to attend on a Saturday or Friday night.

Edge:  Located inside The Peppermill Casino, open Fri and Sat. Dress code enforced, although I have been there a few times were that seemed to be out the window. Ladies are usually free before 10pm. Men pay a $20 cover. They offer a large dance floor which is always nice and play a variety of hip hop and house music. Edge also offers Free Salsa dancing Friday nights from 7-10pm. After 10pm it turns into the regular dance club.

LEX: Located inside the Grand Sierra Resort and newly opened this year. Lex is an extravagant Vegas type club with a $20-$30 cover charge. Locals can sometimes get a better deal if they contact the club host. Dress code is strictly enforced. They bring in celebrity DJ’s and even have a pool inside. This is the biggest club in Reno thus far. They play mainly house music, with a little bit of hip hop. The crowd here feels a little more like just turned 21.

What is your favorite party joint in The Biggest Little City?





One of my favorite bars is Gilley’s located inside the Nugget Casino in Sparks.  If you enjoy country music this is the bar for you. Its decorated in a western style and has a mechanical bull you can ride for $5.  Gilley’s provides free live entertainment Thursday-Friday from 8-11pm. A DJ takes over after 11, playing a good mix of old and new country. Gilley’s has a large dance floor with plenty of room to move around.  If you don’t know how to line dance no worries, Gilley’s provides free lessons Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. See the link here for more information http://bit.ly/11RnvRj.

If you are a visual learner you can observe the good-looking Gilley’s girls and hopefully learn some new moves. The crowd here varies in age leaning closer to a more mature audience between the ages of 25 and up. Not to say there aren’t younger folks, but it doesn’t feel like one of those just turned ’21’ bars.  Drinks are very well priced, and their food menu is also pretty amazing. It’s also nice going to a bar where the guys actually know how to dance. Check them out the next time you are in Sparks, NV.

What is your favorite bar in Reno?

Tips for Party in a 24Hour City


Reno, The Biggest Little City allows you to party all day and all night. In Reno you never have to worry about last call. This being said you must be prepared to party responsibly. Some people just can’t handle partying for 24 hours straight. Here are some tips for making the best of your first time partying in Reno, the city that never sleeps.

1) Gather your favorite party crew

2) Start of with a good breakfast (Mimosa or Bloody Mary’s are required)

3) Have a good lunch a buzz is recommended

4) Have a big dinner to hold you over

5) Drink water throughout the day

6) Dress comfortably and to impress

7) Ensure a designated driver

8) Night life in Reno starts around 10-11pm so pace yourself.

9) Call or text the resident DJ or club host to get in free

10) Try not to mix dark drinks with light drinks, 24 hours of this = Blackout



Zombie Crawl

BillyReno, NV has many events throughout the year, varying from family friendly to adults only. One of my favorite events geared more towards adults is the Reno Zombie crawl. The Zombie crawl usually takes place a week before Halloween.

What is the Zombie Crawl? Basically an excuse to dress up and get drunk. There are more than 50 bars located in Downtown Reno that participate, and more than 100 drink specials when you buy your crawl cups in advance.

The cups cost only $5, and can be purchased at any of the participating bars, or event sponsors.  There is no cost to participate other than your drink and cup purchases for the night, must be 21 to crawl.

Maps of participating bars are given with cup purchases. The goal is to visit as many bars as you can to cross them of your map, but lets face it the real goal is not to black out!  The odds of going to more than 20 bars are not likely considering long wait times at bars, and pregame drinks.

Most people just really enjoy dressing up, and seeing all the cool costumes. This year I decided to dress up as Billy, the puppet for the Saw movies. I must say it was a popular choice, I must have seen at least 10 other Billy’s running around although none as cool as me, ha ha.

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Every year the crawl starts with a flash mob of zombies who dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller underneath The Reno Arch. This usually takes place around 7pm, and your little ones can participate.  However after that, its best to take the little ones home, as that’s when all the craziness begins.

Anyone can be part of the dance routine and it’s free.  You can take classes in advance, or you can join in without really knowing what you’re doing. No one will really notice.  If you want to look like a pro, dance studios put on free classes to prepare for the event. This year’s was put on by Heart and Sole Dance Academy.

To give you an idea of the crowd size and dance routine here is 2013’s video:


As with most crawls, large participation is expected. This year approximately  13,000 people showed up.  Most hotels offer discounted price rates, starting at  $50. The Taxi wait times are long during most crawls so its best to get a room downtown. If you aren’t planning on staying downtown, leave home early so you can find close parking.

Reno’s Zombie Crawl is always a blast that consists of awesome costumes, great drink specials, and great company. For more information click on the link here http://renozombiecrawl.com/thriller/.

If you participated in the Zombie Crawl what was your favorite part about it? Leave a comment below.