Surviving Black Friday

black-friday-meme-funny-blueprintBlack Friday Shopping is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Anyone who has shopped during this day knows just how hectic it can get. People have been known to get in fights over items, and some have even lost their lives. Don’t let these things happen to you. As an experienced Black Friday shopper I am more than happy to share some tips.

1) Check Black Friday ads online, or pick up a copy of the previous Sundays paper.

2)Have a plan: Know what stores you will be shopping at in advance as most stores have additional discounts between certain times. Don’t miss out on the deals you’re really looking forward to, prioritize your time wisely.

3) Shop with a friend:  The biggest advantage to shopping with a friend is while one shops, the other stands in line. Win-win for both parties.

4) Be prepared to wait in long lines, and brace yourself for large crowds (Avg 3o-45 Min waits).

5) Dress in comfortable shoes and clothing: You will be standing for long periods of time, and walking through big crowds. Use layers, as you will probably wait outside in the cold  for a long time, but get hot once your inside. Think long sleeves, sweatshirts or work out clothing.

6) In order to avoid getting grumpy  eat a nice breakfast, or left overs from the night before.

7) Stay hydrated, and bring a water bottle.

8) People get crazy during Black Friday so make sure you have caffeine and stay alert.

9) If you get to your destination in time to be first in line, don’t stand to close to the door. People will often push to get inside, best to be in the center of the crowd.

10) Know when to back down: Materialistic things are never worth hurting anyone. Like Disney princess Elsa says “Let it Go.” Don’t be that person that gets into a fight over a $5 knit sweater.

11) Be Courteous and Kind to others.

My favorite stores to shop during Black Friday are Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Scheels. These stores actually have real deals going on and not jut the typical “10% off.” Don’t go to Best Buy, or The Apple store unless you’re feeling crazy.



Junkee Clothing Exchange

photo 1Are you a frugal shopper with a unique style? Or do you enjoy going on a hunt for the perfect item? If so Junkee Clothing Exchange is the right store for you. Junkee Clothing Exchange has been open in Reno, NV in the Midtown area  for more than 6 years. See the link here for more information

Junkee Clothing Exchange sells gently recycled clothing, shoes, and accessories. They also carry antiques, furniture, seasonal decor, and much more. Think vintage. If you’re not one for buying used, no problem this store is still worth the visit due to their amazing antique section.

The store is visually appealing and is composed of 8,800 sq feet. There is so much to look at, it’s like walking through a museum. Not to mention they always blast killer oldies to get you in the mood for shopping.

The clothing quality is descent. Their merchandise is a few steps above the average thrift store, meanwhile pricing remains pretty low. You can easily snag a cute outfit (pants & shirt) for $15-20. Something you could never do at the mall.

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Junkee Clothing Exchange is also your go to place for any costume party. Their staff is super knowledgeable, and can help you achieve whatever look you are after. I needed an outfit for a murder mystery party, so I headed straight there. The staff member who helped me was super friendly and helpful.

I gave her a simple description of what I wanted to look like and she over exceeded my expectations. She was so good I didn’t even have to tell her my sizes. Anytime I’ve done any type of crawl (super hero crawl, etc.) I always go to Junkee for my costumes.

Currently they are prepping for Reno’s Santa Crawl, Comic Con Reno, and holiday parties. Low on cash? Junkee Clothing Exchange can also help. They buy gently used clothing items for $1-$3 an item. Buying hours are Mon-Sat from 12-4pm. If you’re looking for an original costume, or just seeking things that fit your own individual style Junkee Clothing Exchange is worth checking out.

What is your favorite Midtown shop?


The Niche

photo 1Looking to find unique clothing or home decor items? If so The Niche Boutique is the perfect place to shop. Currently they have 3 locations, two in Reno and one in Sparks see the link here for more information

No one likes to go out and run into a bunch of girls wearing the same outfit that is a total buzz kill.  However it happens more often than not. To avoid this problem its nice to shop at smaller scale boutiques such as The Niche. They carry a limited supply of items, so chances of everyone buying the same shirt or pants are pretty slim.

The clothing style is Boho Chic mixed with casual cute. If that doesn’t make any sense think of the style here as a mix between Jessica Alba and Drew Berry Moore. They cater more to women’s clothing vs teens, and offer a more sophisticated casual style.

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Like most boutiques, pricing is a little bit on the higher side. You can get a nice shirt between $20-$25. They have a nice selection of brand name jeans such as MissMe, Lucky, & Rock Revival. These of course start in the $100 range and can go up from there. However if you’re going to spend money on any item, it should definitely be your jeans.

The Niche also has a great selection of home decor items including wall art, accent furniture, mirrors, clocks, and much more. Decorative styles range from vintage, French, European, and others.  You can find unique hats, accessories, home decor, purses, and scarves. It’s a perfect place to shop for those challenging gifts we sometimes need to find.

The Niche puts out new inventory on a daily basis,  as only small quantities of items are brought out to allow for individuality. The staff at The Niche is always super friendly and very helpful when it comes to finding the right size or style. You can shop in store or online. They  sell seasonal decor items, stop by I guarantee you will find something to buy.

What is your favorite Boutique store in Reno?

Charming Charlie: Accesory Game On Point

photo 1What is an outfit without accessories? Boring! Spice up your everyday look with a bold pair of earnings or a sparkly necklace. I am an accessories freak, I cannot leave my house without the perfect pair of earrings, necklace, rings, or scarf.

I accessorize with all my outfits.  Some may say I have a problem, I simply say my accessory game is on point. I have more than 100 pair of earrings, over 50 scarfs, and lets not talk about rings or necklaces.  I have more bangles and earrings than one girl could ever need. If this sounds like you, Charming Charlie will be your new favorite place.

Reno ladies, we have been given a great gift. Charming Charlie is my go to spot for accessories. They sell handbags, scarfs, necklaces, sunglasses, rings, bangles, any type of accessory you can dream of. The best part about this store is, it is organized in sections based on color. See the link here for more information


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A brilliant idea, I am so sad I didn’t come up with. Charming Charlie takes the running around town for the perfect accessory out of the equation. You are guaranteed to find whatever piece you’re searching for, in whatever color it is you’re looking for.

There are about  200 Charming Charlie stores across the USA. We are so lucky to have one in Reno, because as you know accessories can transform your outfit and renew your look. This store is far from basic, if you’re looking for distinct bold pieces Charming Charlie will not disappoint.

If you’ve never been to this store make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to look around, as their merchandize is never-ending. There are so many cool things to see. I can easily spend 2 hours in this store, and will probably spend about $100.  I know I’m crazy, but I love every moment of it.

Prices range from $5-$45 dollars for various items. They also have a magnificent clearance wall where you can score great deals for a little less than $10. This store is located in the Summit Shopping Center, and is a perfect way to spend time with your girlfriends. Even if you’re not an accessories person its worth the look.

What is your favorite store to shop in Reno?