Rules for Blogging Engagemant


As a community we aren’t always in agreement, and this is perfectly OK. Respectful disagreement is healthy, and allows for multiple views on a topic. A healthy online community is one in which members feel free to respectfully say whats on their mind while engaging with others.   Discussions that lead to debate are also perfectly fine, so long as community members remain respectful. Below are some quick guidelines to ensure a productive discussion forum.

1) Respectful disagreement is Ok without insults

2) Respectful debate is welcome and encouraged

3) Attacks and rude behavior are not welcomed

4) Treat others as you would like to be treated

5) It is perfectly OK to voice your opinion

6) Always be truthful

7) Always keep an open mind

8) Think before you attack

9) Choose your words carefully

10) Limit your comments to 50 words maximum

Please comment below with any question or concerns