Mt.Rose Ski Tahoe


Reno, NV has an endless amount of outdoor activities you can engage in. From hiking, biking, swimming, skiing to snowboarding, all within a 30-45 minute drive from the Sierras.

My  favorite outdoor winter activity is snowboarding. I enjoy doing this best at Mt.Rose as it is only 25 minutes up the  mountain, and they have breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe.

Mt. Rose Ski Resort caters more towards Reno locals by offering great deals throughout the year such as discounted lift tickets, and sometimes even gear.

It’s always good to take a look at their calendar before heading up there, so you know what types of discounts are available. See the link here for more information


Tuesdays are two for the price of one, and Thursdays are ladies night, lift tickets are only $29. Military personal also get discounted prices. Mt. Rose also offers great deals on first time beginner packages that come with lift tickets, and gear.

You have the option to learn one-on-one, or you can learn with a big group. Both classes are designed to help you move at your own pace. Mt. Rose has  some of the best bunny slopes for beginners, and their staff is very helpful.

Mt. Rose doesn’t get as packed with tourists as other resorts do, so you never have to wait to long to go on a run. You get the biggest bang for your buck, as you can go on several runs as many times as you would like. It’s best to visit during weekdays, as it is less crowded.

They have a fairly well priced  bar and restaurant on site that offers really good food and snacks. Mt. Rose is family friendly, and they have something for everyone. The bunny slopes are quite safe for beginners, or if you’re more advanced the Chutes will definitely get your heart racing.

The views from Mt. Rose are spectacular, they can’t be beat. Be sure to check them out.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Reno?



Virginia City

town Reno, NV has one of the coolest largest historic districts right in our backyard. Better known as Virginia City originally established in the 1800’s. Virginia City is Nevada’s oldest, and most famous mining town dating back to 1859 with the discovery of the Comstock Lode.

Talk about taking a step way back into history. Picturesque buildings line up the main street, and most businesses have maintained their authentic Victorian artifacts and 1800’s decor. Most buildings date back to the 1860’s and 70’s. In the mid 1860’s at the City’s peak there were an estimated 25,000 residents.

There is no cost to visit, besides gas money for the short 45 minute drive. However there is plenty of opportunity to spend your hard-earned cash, as there are an endless amount of activities you can do. It’s easy to spend a whole day up there.

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Most popular things to see are the mining artifacts from the 1800’s, originally used by the Comstock Miners.  Virgina City certainly has that Wild West feeling, and its super cool to have a life-size museum in our backyard.

There are quite a few places you can grab a bite to eat, as well as bars that  date back to the 1800’s. There are also many shops that sell very unique trinkets, and of course antique shops. You can also have professional pictures taken in clothing from that era.

Be sure to check it out, see the link here for more information

Things To See and Do:

  • Bucket of Blood (bar)
  • Delta Saloon (bar)
  • Red Dog Saloon and Pizza Parlor
  • Visit any of the 17 Museums
  • Stay the night at a haunted house
  • Take a train ride
  • Visit the cemetery
  • Take your 1800’s themed picture
  • Shop around the antique shops
  • Visit Saint Mary’s in The Mountains Catholic Church
  • Red’s Old Fashioned Candies



Lake Tahoe


One of my absolute favorite places to get away from it all, is the beautiful Lake Tahoe located in the Sierra Mountains where Nevada and California meet.

From Reno, NV it  takes 30-45 minutes to get to this beautiful outdoor oasis. What is there not to love about Lake Tahoe? The water is a beautiful aquamarine color, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and trees. The Lakes clarity is also something to brag about.

Formed 2 million years ago, Lake Tahoe is one of the largest Alpine lakes in North America. It’s 1645 feet deep, making it the deepest lake in the United States, after Crater Lake in Oregon. The water is always chilly.

Best months for swimming and warmer weather are June-August.  People from around the world, as well as across the US travel long ways to visit Lake Tahoe.

Lake-Tahoe-BonsaiThere are endless activities you can take part in during all seasons. Activities such as skiing, water sports, hiking and biking are quite popular in Lake Tahoe.

The City of Reno recently implemented free transportation to some of the more popular beaches in Tahoe, in order to decrease traffic, and provide better air quality. Cost is usually $5, see the link here for more information

There are many beautiful beaches to visit in Lake Tahoe and many outdoor activities to try.  Take a camera and prepare to be amazed, below are my favorite beaches.

Chimney Beach

  • No charge to get in
  • Hike down a scenic route.
  •  More of an adult beach.
  • Downfall  is you have to hike back up to use restrooms.
  • If you don’t get there early parking can also be far away (free).

Zephyr Cove,

  • An adult beach.
  • Bar on site.
  • Paddle board or jets ski rentals available.
  • Parking on site (free)

Sand Harbor

  • Family beach.
  • Food and beverage restaurant on site.
  • Get there early for parking (Cost $10)
  • Paddle board or jets ski rentals available.

What is your favorite beach in Lake Tahoe?




Turn Down For What?

Living in a 24 hour city definitely has its night life benefits such as never hearing the words last call, and  access to booze 24-7. Reno, The Biggest Little City will let you party on until the wee hours of the morning. You can also party in the 775  Mon-Sunday. Below I will highlight several club options in Reno, and the most popular ones.

Aura: Located inside the Silver Legacy Casino  will have you ‘going up on a Tuesday.’ Open 5 days a week, with drink specials from 7-9pm. DJ spins at 9pm. If you’re looking to party on a Tue, Wed or Thur, this is your spot. They play pretty much hip hop only. There is a dress code, basically no hats and sneakers. Ladies are always free unless there is an event going on such as Hot August Nights. There is a cover charge for men $10-20 depending on the night of the week, sometimes free. The crowd can be a little more Ghetto here.

Brew Brothers:  Located inside the El Dorado Casino is open 7 days a week and has no cover charge for men or women. They offer a popular Karaoke night on Monday and serve drink specials from 6-8pm. They also offer live entertainment with a few local bands. DJ plays after 11pm, when there is a live band. The music here is a mix between alternative, R&B, and hip hop. The crowd here is a little more relaxed, and is often times visited by out-of-towners. No dress code.

Bubbinga: This club can be hit or miss. Sometimes its open ,sometimes it’s not. Located inside the El Dorado Casino, usually Thursday-Sunday. Dress code is enforced, ladies can get in free before 10. Guys pay a $10 cover charge, The music here is hip hop. The crowd can also be a little ghetto here, depends on the night. Best to attend on a Saturday or Friday night.

Edge:  Located inside The Peppermill Casino, open Fri and Sat. Dress code enforced, although I have been there a few times were that seemed to be out the window. Ladies are usually free before 10pm. Men pay a $20 cover. They offer a large dance floor which is always nice and play a variety of hip hop and house music. Edge also offers Free Salsa dancing Friday nights from 7-10pm. After 10pm it turns into the regular dance club.

LEX: Located inside the Grand Sierra Resort and newly opened this year. Lex is an extravagant Vegas type club with a $20-$30 cover charge. Locals can sometimes get a better deal if they contact the club host. Dress code is strictly enforced. They bring in celebrity DJ’s and even have a pool inside. This is the biggest club in Reno thus far. They play mainly house music, with a little bit of hip hop. The crowd here feels a little more like just turned 21.

What is your favorite party joint in The Biggest Little City?



Too Soul Tea Cafe

photo 1Looking for a place to get your Zen on? Reno has you covered with Too Soul Tea Cafe located in the Midtown area. Too Soul Tea Cafe is the only place in Reno specializing in all things tea, see the link here for more information

Besides tea being extremely good for you, it’s also very low in calories.  Too Soul Tea Cafe is a local, family owned and operated business. Open for more than 2 years in the  Midtown area.

They offer more than 100 tea options, ranging from black, green, white, herbal, chai, hibiscus and many more.

Too Soul Tea is a cozy, smaller size cafe which also offers out-door seating. Relaxing music such as John Mayer, and Sade play in the background. There is definitely a relaxing vibe going on. Their staff is super friendly and will gladly  educate you on all things tea.

They have daily samples you can try, and fresh-baked goods for sale. On most days they also offer sandwiches, quiches, wraps and fruit. They also sell a variety of drinking cups, and of course loose leaf tea sold in tins and pouches.

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I ordered the Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green tea which was amazing, no wonder it’s a top seller. My friend had the Strawberry Coconut Creme, which was also delicious.

We helped ourselves to a Cinnamon Toffee scone which was out of this world all for under $9. They are very well priced.Too Soul Tea Cafe offers a collection of calming teas to help you relax, as well as a collection to wake you up.

Both alternatives are much healthier for you than your average cup of Joe. You can also buy their teas online. Too Souls Tea Cafe is a pretty cool local shop be sure to check them out.

Local Tip: Reno has a Davidson’s Tea Warehouse located in Sparks. You can stock up on quality tea at a very low price. They also offer daily samples.

What is your favorite type of tea?

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReno, NV has various types of entertainment, not just the typical casinos visitors think of when they hear Reno.

One of these is the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, which gives Renoites the opportunity to experience cultural artistic entertainment.

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts is a non-profit organization, and is the largest performing arts facility in Northern Nevada.

If you have never seen a live performance such as The Nut Cracker, ballet, or opera, this is the place to experience it. Located in Downtown Reno, the building from the outside looks similar to Disney’s Epcot Center.

The 1,500 seat venue is part of the Nevada State Register of Historic Places. They currently host more than 100 cultural events a year from dance recitals, opera, to Broadway Productions. Get inspired by professional ballet performances, or be moved by Reno’s Philharmonic Orchestra.



It sounds like a real fancy establishment, and your probably wondering if there is a dress code. Think business casual, some people wear  jeans while others enjoy dressing up.  Do what is most comfortable for you, just don’t arrive without a T-shirt and sandals. It’s not that casual.

Get there 30 minutes in advance for your show, as free parking is a few minutes away from the Pioneer Center. Free parking can be found at the Cal-Neva Casino, and The National Automobile Museum. You can make it to the Pioneer Center within 10 minutes from either location.

Videos and pictures are not allowed, also remember to silence or turn off your cell phone.  Always read the program notes as they give you a background on what you are about to see. There are no ATM’s inside the Pioneer Center, and they only accept cash at their concession stand so plan ahead.  Ticket pricing and duration varies on the show, check their website for more information

One of my favorites, The Nutcracker will be featured Dec 12-13. You can watch this show during a matinée and it will cost you less. Tickets range between $25-$55 dollars. If you’re looking for a Broadway experience check out their current show Jersey Boys, tickets start at $69. You can buy tickets on-line or by phone. Try something new, and enhance your cultural artistic knowledge.

Surviving Black Friday

black-friday-meme-funny-blueprintBlack Friday Shopping is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Anyone who has shopped during this day knows just how hectic it can get. People have been known to get in fights over items, and some have even lost their lives. Don’t let these things happen to you. As an experienced Black Friday shopper I am more than happy to share some tips.

1) Check Black Friday ads online, or pick up a copy of the previous Sundays paper.

2)Have a plan: Know what stores you will be shopping at in advance as most stores have additional discounts between certain times. Don’t miss out on the deals you’re really looking forward to, prioritize your time wisely.

3) Shop with a friend:  The biggest advantage to shopping with a friend is while one shops, the other stands in line. Win-win for both parties.

4) Be prepared to wait in long lines, and brace yourself for large crowds (Avg 3o-45 Min waits).

5) Dress in comfortable shoes and clothing: You will be standing for long periods of time, and walking through big crowds. Use layers, as you will probably wait outside in the cold  for a long time, but get hot once your inside. Think long sleeves, sweatshirts or work out clothing.

6) In order to avoid getting grumpy  eat a nice breakfast, or left overs from the night before.

7) Stay hydrated, and bring a water bottle.

8) People get crazy during Black Friday so make sure you have caffeine and stay alert.

9) If you get to your destination in time to be first in line, don’t stand to close to the door. People will often push to get inside, best to be in the center of the crowd.

10) Know when to back down: Materialistic things are never worth hurting anyone. Like Disney princess Elsa says “Let it Go.” Don’t be that person that gets into a fight over a $5 knit sweater.

11) Be Courteous and Kind to others.

My favorite stores to shop during Black Friday are Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Scheels. These stores actually have real deals going on and not jut the typical “10% off.” Don’t go to Best Buy, or The Apple store unless you’re feeling crazy.