Lake Tahoe


One of my absolute favorite places to get away from it all, is the beautiful Lake Tahoe located in the Sierra Mountains where Nevada and California meet.

From Reno, NV it  takes 30-45 minutes to get to this beautiful outdoor oasis. What is there not to love about Lake Tahoe? The water is a beautiful aquamarine color, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and trees. The Lakes clarity is also something to brag about.

Formed 2 million years ago, Lake Tahoe is one of the largest Alpine lakes in North America. It’s 1645 feet deep, making it the deepest lake in the United States, after Crater Lake in Oregon. The water is always chilly.

Best months for swimming and warmer weather are June-August.  People from around the world, as well as across the US travel long ways to visit Lake Tahoe.

Lake-Tahoe-BonsaiThere are endless activities you can take part in during all seasons. Activities such as skiing, water sports, hiking and biking are quite popular in Lake Tahoe.

The City of Reno recently implemented free transportation to some of the more popular beaches in Tahoe, in order to decrease traffic, and provide better air quality. Cost is usually $5, see the link here for more information

There are many beautiful beaches to visit in Lake Tahoe and many outdoor activities to try.  Take a camera and prepare to be amazed, below are my favorite beaches.

Chimney Beach

  • No charge to get in
  • Hike down a scenic route.
  •  More of an adult beach.
  • Downfall  is you have to hike back up to use restrooms.
  • If you don’t get there early parking can also be far away (free).

Zephyr Cove,

  • An adult beach.
  • Bar on site.
  • Paddle board or jets ski rentals available.
  • Parking on site (free)

Sand Harbor

  • Family beach.
  • Food and beverage restaurant on site.
  • Get there early for parking (Cost $10)
  • Paddle board or jets ski rentals available.

What is your favorite beach in Lake Tahoe?